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Brian has always photographed events in a photo-journalistic style in order to tell the best story possible. All of his events including Family Documentary and Business Documentary Photography sessions are presented in a neatly bound photo album in order to tell your story.

​Services Offered:

Family Documentary Photography- contact for pricing

Sample book

There are 3 scenarios available to create your special Family Documentary Book.

Scenario 1. A full day - contact for pricing

Brian will arrive at your home shortly before your day begins and document your daily activities from morning to evening including

activities like a trip to the supermarket, a visit to the local farmer's market, or a family activity like cross country sking.

Scenario 2. 3 Seasons  -  contact for pricing

Choose three days, one for each favorite three seasons of the year to document 3/4 of a year in life of your family.

Each day will consist of  up to 10 hours of activities.

Scenario 3. 4 Seasons - contact for pricing

Choose four days. One for each season of the year to chronicle a year in life of your family.

Each day will consist of  up to 10 hours of activities.













Business Documentary Photography-contact for pricing

Sample Book: Juno Studio

Business Documentary books are a great way to show your clients how and what you do. In addition, the images created during this session can be used for your website and social media content.  


















Events -contact for pricing





Portraiture -contact for pricing


  • Head Shots -

  • Family Portraiture - 

  • Pregnancy - 

  • Baby Photography -

  • Senior Portraits-

  • Boudoir -












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